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        ABOUT US


        公司創建于1984年,30年來,先后承建了糧食、飼料、釀造、水泥、建材、沼氣、化工、陶瓷、港口等鋼板倉10000多座,在環保水處理、沼氣能源、市政污泥處理、電力粉煤灰等行業不斷開拓市場,積極與國際接軌,先后獨立承包了美國、馬來西亞、埃及、贊比亞、 印尼、柬埔寨、哈薩克斯坦等國的農業、建材、環保工程等領域的國際項目,獲得了良好的國際聲譽,積累了豐富的國外施工經驗,樹立起了安陽利浦“中國精品鋼板倉優質品牌”的良好形象。


        Anyang Lipp Silo Engineering Co.,Ltd is a Sino-German joint venture with the involvement of Lipp technology inventor-Xaver Lipp and hiscompany Lipp GMBH, specialized in Lipp silo construction,has the qualification of national ll in steel structure and environmental protection. Registered capital of Anyang Lipp is 20.0 million RMB and gross assets is 150 million RMB. It is also a company integrated with research,design,manufacturing and installation, passed the certification of ISO9000. Right now it has over 500 registered workers, 120 workers of them are professional technical personnel, manufacturing capacity is 5 million cubic meter every year. Lipp products are distributed allover China and even extended into international market. Therefore, all of these make Anyang Lipp become the leading company in economy, market share and reputation among all the silo construction companies.

        Anyang Lipp was established in 1984, 30 years it has built more than 8000 Lipp silos for different storage purposes such as grain, feedstuff, brewage, cement, building material, biogas, petrochemical, ceramic and seaport etc. and expanded the market into the field of wastewater treatment, renewable energy, electric fly ash etc。 Anyang Lipp undertook independently the projects which were related to the field of agricultural, building material and environmental protection in USA, Malaysia, Egypt, Zambia, lndonesia and Cambodia successively, got good international reputation, accumulated abundant overseas construction experience,and built the image—"First Brand of Chinese Steel Silo".

        As the industry leader of steel silo, Anyang Lipp adhere to the "people-oriented, realistic and progressive"ideas, continue to promote "innovation management, scientific management, standardized operation, integrity, and create first-class"spirit, with the spirit of"mutual benefit and common development"principle, to the grand strategic vision, advanced corporate culture,brand awareness ahead, willing to sincerely cooperate with friends from various circles at home and abroad, hand in hand, to build more storage quality engineering.

          In 1985 we built the first Lipp silo for Xixia winery in Shandong Province, China,filled the gap of Chinese steel silo construction.

          In 1987 we built the most highest steel silo with the height 33m in Lianyungang, it became amilestone in Chinese storage field.

          In 1989 we hold the first national steel silo seminar.

          In 1991 we built the first steel silo for the use of fumigation in west provision room of Tianjing

          In 1993 we built the first silo design institute of China.

          In 1993 we built the first silo design&research institute in this field.

          In 1994 we undertook the first overseas project(Indonesia P T L T D), it symbolized that Anyang Lipp had already gone to the world.

          In 1995 we built the first Lipp silo for the use of environmental protection(Jianhu winery,Shaoxin),initiated the application of Lipp silo in environmental field.

          In 1996 we became the first Chinese company won the international invitation of tender in steel silo field (German Steinecker GMBH,New Zealand Lionna Than company )

          In 1998 we built the biggest steel silo for Dayitong com pany in Taiwan.

          In 2001 we built the biggest steel silo for Chengyang wastewater treatment factory,Tsingdao with the diameter 38m.

          In 2004 Lipp silos were widely used in building material field such as cement, proved high strength and good gastightness of Lipp silos in practice.

          In 2005 Anyang Lipp re-signed the contract with German Lipp GMBH for 10 years, to go on devoting itself into Chinese storage field.

          In 2006 annual turnover exceeded 120 million RMB.

          In 2007 Lipp brand was furthermore upgraded, won the title of"Chinese the most influential cement equipments enterprise".

          In 2008 Anyang Lipp won the honorary title from the national government"Outstanding Construction Enterprise"and"Backbone Construction Enterprise"

          In 2009 Anyang Lipp undertook welding silos in Shandong, Hubei and Inner Mongolia with the capacity 20 thousand tons for single silo,which consolidates the leading status of Anyang Lipp in technology.

          In 2010 with the commission of nation lnner Trade Ministry and Chinese buck cement association, Anyang Lipp drafted>

        ? ? ?In 2011 Selected as National High Tech Enterprise.

        ? ? ?In 2013 Built the 10,000th silo,serving clients in Asia,Africa and Europe.

        ? ? ?In 2014 The first among other peers to get ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

        ? ? ?In 2015 Given the title of Research Center for Bio-Energy& Bio-Gas Solution and Equipment.??